Nintendo Direct 3.8.2018

[Music]nothing oh hi oh with Amos hi everyonetime has come for today's NintendoDirect poison I'm Yoshiaki poison andI'll be your guide I have lots ofinformation to share about upcominggames for Nintendo switch a Nintendo 3dsup first is a Nintendo 3ds headlinesit's the biggest collection in thismicro game series the latest in thewarrior series is coming to the Nintendo3ds family of systems which meansthere's a new way to play Wariostrangely satisfying micro games withclassics and new additions there are 300micro games to enjoy making this thebiggest entry in the series pressbuttons tilt the system use thetouchscreen and microphone only Wariocan come up with this many controlschemes think fastwhat play style is required for this onebetter figure it out and dig that crazyaction while it's hot hey some familiarcharacters are rocking new looks this isthe most jam-packed game in the seriesyet just look at that face even Wariocan't contain his wicked grinwhy are you wear gold launches August3rd[Music]get ready for pulse-poundingpost-apocalyptic races and battles andrace down enemy Grox and rock them inbattle to defend frontier villages yessiraction needs tower defense in Dylan'sdead heat breakers this time the redflash himself Dylanthey team up with your own animalizedmeet character be strategic and use yourwhole team your friends me characterscan join the team as Gunners well you'llneed their help to face each wave oftransforming monsters who or what willyou and Dylan's get tangled up withnever mind that there's an enemyinvasion to stop and a frontier indesperate need of some heroes the demoversion of the game will be availablefor download May 10[Music]the whole game villains dead heatbreakers rolls into Nintendo eShop onNintendo 3ds May 24th are the brothersand Bowser still better togetherNintendo Diaz classic Mario and Luigibowser's Inside Story is back for moregut-busting adventures Mario and Luigihave been tasked with finding a cure forthe blower's a disease threatening alllife in the Mushroom Kingdombut thanks to fawful both brothers havebeen devoured by Bowser and so theirjourney takes them deep into the bellyof the beastleaving Bowser to scour the kingdom forthe Cure the only way forward is tochange between the bros and Bowser TheBig Bad will even beef up four monstrousboss battles fit for a king take himdown in this action-packedRPGand Oh looks like his boy wants in onthe action find out what happens behindthe scenes in the untold story of Bowserjr. when Mario Luigi bowser's InsideStory Plus Bowser Jr's journey launchesin 2019 here's the scoop on detectivePikachuplus a new amiibo something about thisPikachu is a little differenthe's gruff you agree with me don't youruns his mouth hey don't boss me aroundlikes coffee this high hat one this isdelicious is over and no one knows whywelcome to rhyme city where humans andpokémon usually live in harmonybut recently Pokemon have been behavingoddly and running amok so there's a fakeluckily a boy named Tim and detectivePikachu are on the case facing rage andmystery head-on do it as of today thegame is available for pre-purchase inNintendo eShopon Nintendo 3ds crack the case withdetective Pikachu when the game launchesMarch 23rd plus keep your eyes peeledfor this extra large detective Pikachuamiibo figure which launches the samedaythat mysterious mansion has reappearedin the Nintendo 3ds remake NintendoGameCube classic Luigi's Mansion hasbeen remade for Nintendo 3ds fans of theLuigi's Mansion dark blue in-game cannow explore the original mansion whereMario went missingLuigi's something of a scaredy-cat butthese classic ghosts in traps are nomatch for his vacuum cleanerbesides the mansion's map will bedisplayed on the bottom screen if youwork up the courage fight the ghosts ofyour past battles in the new boss rushmode Louise Mansion for Nintendo 3dslaunches this year that's all forNintendo 3ds a second so far so goodwell let's keep the headlines comingit's time for Nintendo switchKirby can even make friends with thosecharactersKirby's Star Allies finally launchesnext week as you fight through youradventure you'll reach dream palaceswhere surprise even fan favorite Legacycharacters can become Kirby's friendswell three friends anyway when you'resaving the world it's nice to have someheavy hitters on your side even thelikes of King Dedede Meta Knight andbandana waddle dee eventually more dreamfriends will be added to the game viafree updates after launch the firstupdate will include Rick kine and Koo[Music]Marxand GUI[Music]it's like a dream come true to bringthis ragtag crew of characters togetherfrom across the kirby series Kirby starAllies launches on Nintendo's whichMarch 16th and the first free updatewill be available March 28th oh yeah aquick reminder a free demo is availablenow in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo switchwhat else are friends for an epic talereturns with new artistic touchesOkami the grand adventure in classicalJapanese style rises again in the HDversion to save the land from a terriblecurse the legendary Okami Amaterasu wasresurrected setting off on a quest withthe wandering artist he soon overcomechallenges using the power of the Godsthe celestial brush with merebrushstrokes you can make a variety ofmiracles come to fruition in theNintendo switch version use touchscreencontrol in handheld mode or use thejoique on controllers motion controls inTV mode or tabletop both methods offeran intuitive way to solve puzzles anddefeat your foes[Music]meet an eclectic cast solve mysteriesand slay countless monsters to discoverwhat awaits at your journey's endOkami HD launches on nintendo eshopon nintendo switch this summer eat upand throw sushi on nintendo switch anadventure unlike any other with conveyorbelt sushi action it's sushi striker theway of sushi dough the story takes placeafter the bitter sushi struggles raisedin a world where sushi is forbiddenMusashi must wage all-out conveyor beltsushi battles to defeat the Empire intopple its sushi monopoly the gameplayis deep but the basics are simple justeat more and more sushi to pile upplates of matching colors on a tablethen throw them all at your opponentsmix up your strategies to crush yourenemies if you manage to pull off aspecial move created by one of yoursushi sprites you may be able to get theupper hand in battle of course there's amultiplayer mode to battling fellowsushi strikers online can get tensesushi striker the way of sushi doughlaunches simultaneously on Nintendoswitch and in Tendo 3ds June 8 moretravelers more details and more launchinfo hello this is Musashi Takahashifrom Square Enix today I have three newsitems to share with you but first I'dlike to introduce two more maincharacters what lies beyond the horizonmeet Tressa the merchants she sets offto find her own adventure and gainexperience in her job her path action ispurchase which means she can obtainspecial items from townsfolk I helpedout someone in a bind simple as thatand this is Alphin the Apothecary heembarks on his journey to heal thosesuffering across the continenthis path action is inquiredqicang warm out info others aren't privyto in standard conversations next let'stalk about jobs in battle charactersstart out with a base job but they canequip an additional job to use in battlefor instance if another character likethe merchant Trece equips the dancer jobto combine jobs and abilities expandyour strategic options finally we knowmany of you have been wondering aboutthe release date game launches July 13th[Music]additionally we will be offering aspecial edition of the game value insideyou'll find a pop-up book introducingthe eight characters and their places oforigin a helpful map for your adventurea sound selection CDs and a replica coinbased on the in-game currency thisspecial edition will be released thesame day as the regular version of thegame your comments have provided thedevelopment team with reference pointsand inspiration as we head into thehomestretch of our work with Akiraplease look forward to the release ofoctopus travelerwhat happens when an otaku assassinenters the game world[Music]the legendary gaming console the deathDrive mark - Travis touchdown wandersinto the game world and embarks on arampage of epic proportions inside ifthere's an action game racing puzzles atotal of seven different game titleswith his beam katana in hand he vows toexterminate every last bug he findschained his simple yet exhilaratingbasic attacks and an arsenal of scaleattacks to cut them down to sizea brutal box lurks at the end of eachgame creatively combine their moves tocrush thempass a joy Conn controller to a friendfor co-op multiplayer and partner upwith the one and only bad man did wemention the adventure mode which tells anew storyTravis strikes again No More Heroeslaunches exclusively on Nintendo switchin 2018 in Dark Souls every challenge isan opportunity plus amiibo Dark Souls aworld wrought with despair and hope inthe seemingly endless cycle of deathone clean victory becomes a momentthey'll never forgetnow you can savor your accomplishmentsanytime anywhere for the first time onconsolebefore launch there's going to be anetwork test so players can try the gameif this will be your first darksoulsexperience welcome to a brave new worldseparately the solaire of astora amoebawill be released with it you can performthe popular who praise the sun gesturewith reckless abandon Dark Soulsremastered and the Solera of astoraamiibo launched on May 25th how's itgoing so far well I have a quickreminder did you hear that my Nintendomembers can now redeem gold points fordigital games and DLC on the Nintendoswitch system just choose to use yourpoints during the checkout process inNintendo eShop or nintendo switch or onthe nintendo website visit the myNintendo website to learn moreokay we have more Nintendo switchheadlines but first let's shine a nicelong spotlight on the one title inparticular please take a look all-starroster Mario series favorites is readyto rally fulltennis battles using the most tacticalstripped-out shots ever mario tennisaces there are more than 15 playablecharacters each with their own distinctcharacteristics the varied play styleson the Nintendo switch system allow upto four players to step onto the courttogether today we'll mainly cover theessentials of the refined tennisgameplay there's a variety of shots toserve up like a basic shot topspin sliceand a lot that will zoom over youropponent's head just to name a few[Music]why not aim and then shootintroducing the all-new zone shot itlets you pinpoint any spot you want toaim at using motion controls and sendthe bulk flashing down zone shots arereally powerful so if you get hit by oneyour racket will take some damageif your racket takes three hits it'llbreak forcing you to forfeit if it'syour last one it's an instant ko butdon't give up hope you can stop as ownshot with a block return a shot with theperfect timingand you'll block protecting your racket[Applause][Music]it's no small feat to nail the timingjust rightthat's where zone speed comes into playwhen using zone speed the world aroundyou moves in slow motion allowing you toperform incredible feats like chasingdown a quick shot it's no instant wincard but it makes it a bit easier toblock powerful zone shots of course youcan't just spams own shots and zonespeed the whole match[Music]you can only initiate these moves byusing up some of your energy gaugethe energy gauge slowly filled up thelonger you keep a rally going with thefastest way to fill up your gauge iswith the new trickshot if a ball getsaway from you you can jump over to knockit backit's a risky maneuver you don't judgethe timing or distance correctly you maywaste your energy or lose a point but ifyou're successful your energy gauge willget a big boost[Music]so what your gauge and it's go timeinitiate your ultimate shot the specialshot it will eat up your energy in a bigway but this thing is really tiny timeit makes you destroy your opponent'sracket in one hit however not even aspecial shot guarantees a win there'salways a chance it could be blocked sowatch out in these intense matches everymove you make presents a risk andhopefully a reward your energy gaugecould be the key to victory who you useit for an offensive zone shot or use itfor some defensive zone let's say you gofor the zone shot will you go for asurefire point or will you try todestroy your opponent's racket and runthe risk of getting blind non-stopsplit-second strategies maybe the bestpart about Mario Tennis aces puristsrejoice you can also play using simplerules which means only basic shots areallowedonce you connect online you can play amess with your friends or other playersevents and online tournaments will beheld allowing you to compete againstother players matchmaking is based onyour record during the event as aparticipation bonus you can get specialoutfits or even additional charactersthere's also swing mode which allows youto use your joy con like a tennis racketbefore hand backhand slice and lie thismode is perfect I don't want to play thegame casually with your friends andfamily will just get your body moving[Music]the game offers undefined approach totennis game playfocusing on deep strategic patterns plusthe story mode will offer another twistto the good old game of tennis[Music]Mario Tennis aces launches June 22nd ohand one last thing as we approach thegame's launch we decided to hold apre-launch online tournament that wayyou can try out Mario Tennis aces foryourself we'll announce the details at alater date so please stay tuned I've gotthat asking outside we'll have more onMario Tennis aces in the future tonightlet's continue with some Nintendo switchheadlines captain toad is ready toexplore other systems captain toadtreasure tracker is bound for Nintendoswitch or a variety of tricky sandboxstyle levels inspired by Japanese boxGardens calledHakone WA you can rotate the camera andtouch the screen for a better view ofhidden treasures and this time we'veincluded a few Super Mario Odysseylevels too now you can explore localesfrom a variety of kingdoms check out newdog city by the way did you know captaintoad also appeared in Super MarioOdyssey the Nintendo switch version canbe played with a friend by sharing apair of joy Khan controllers while oneplayer controls captain toad the othercan assist with things like turnip coverfire so you can enjoy tracking treasuretogether we also plan to release aNintendo 3ds version with 3d visuals andtouchscreen controls it feels likethere's a box garden right in your handscaptain toad treasure tracker launchesJuly 13thhey who turned out the lights[Music][Music][Music][Music]Gami icon crashes Nintendo switch theimpossible isn't possible until ithappens all three original crashbandicoot games are debuting on aNintendo system for the very first timespin jump and whomp through thetrilogy's hundred-plus actionplatforming levels as crash and hissister Coco everything from thecinematics to the animations to the lushenvironments has been fully updatedsince the original games so they'll lookgreat on your TV or on the goruined doctor neocortex's plans forworld domination and save Tana in CrashBandicoot form an uneasy alliance withthe mad scientists in Crash Bandicoot 2cortex strikes back and stop him in theevil oku Ooka through a battle acrosstime in Crash Bandicoot 3 warped believeit or not the Crash Bandicoot insanetrilogy is officially making the whump 2Nintendo switch July 10thnever fear little nightmares is almosthere from award-winning independentdeveloper tarsier studios comes acharmingly horrific adventure like noother the puzzle platformer littlenightmares will trap you in the motha vast vessel of mystery haunted bycorrupted Souls the complete edition onNintendo switch contains two hauntingtales in one package in six and the kidsseparate adventures you must face theirchildhood fears across all eightchapters including all past downloadablecontent each room is a sound eachresident is a threat and both presentcomplex 3d puzzles to master not tomention you can receive the Nintendoswitch exclusive in-game PACU mask bytapping the pac-man amiibo figure littlenightmares complete edition releases onMay 18th South Park is coming toNintendo switch we're excited toannounce that South Park the fracturedbut whole is coming to Nintendo switchfrom the creators of South Park comesthis outrageously offensive superheroadventure that you can play anytimeanywhere for the very first timecustomize your avatar come on down toSouth Park and join Stan Kyle Kenny andCartman's superhero team then haveyourself a time with the battle systemas surprisingly deep as the show that'sfun choose a class level up build yournotoriety craft items go on quests andmore all past DLC would be available forpurchase individually or as a part ofthe season pass DLC one danger death andDLC - from dusk until Casa Bonita willbe available at launch and DLC 3 bringthe crunch will tell an additional storywhen it releases later this yearSouthpark the fractured but wholereleases uh Nintendo switch April 24thHyrule warriors definitive editionlaunches when exactly let's take a quickmoment for a release date announcementthe heroes and villains of The Legend ofZelda series are about to spring intoaction once more this spring Hyrulewarriors definitive edition launches May18th only on Nintendo switch arms fansdon't miss this the arms league ispleased to extend an invitation to allyou hardcore fans out there who've beenplaying the game enjoying all the addedcharacters and stages and going onlineto play the new party crash mode we'rehappy to announce the arms us in Canadaonline open prelims will take place inthe game's online ranked match mode fromMarch 8th to March 18th 8 top playerswill then move on to the online FinalsMarch 31st all finalists will receive acustom art piece created by thedevelopment team we'll be streaming theevent live from the Nintendo of Americaheadquarters on our official site staytuned for our social channels for moredetails in the coming weeks and ifyou're not an arm's fan just yet well wehave good news on March 31st will behosting a three-day test punch downloadthis demo event from Nintendo eShop onnintendo switch play for free and seewhat you think of the world stretchyaspiring game on March 21st producerCosta you buki will discuss thedevelopment of arms at the GameDevelopers Conference and Hisashi Nogamiwill present separately on the splatoonfranchise so look out for coverage ofbothinkopolis news bulletinit's update time[Music]this April's will tune to is getting anupdate version 3.0 is coming here's abrief and briny taste of what's to comeone hundred new pieces of gear thatmeans fresh looks just in time forspring plus more stages piranha fishcamp triggerfishand the hottest date spot for thehippest Inklings wahoo world and wasranked X's here ranked X is an extremerank even higher than S Plus moredetails are coming soon once you meetcertain conditions Kali will appear inoctocat yet the world of splatoon toocontinues to evolve so don't miss out[Music]now a word from the squid research labcheck out their latest video[Music][Music][Music][Music][Laughter][Music]hello the squid research lab here so howwas it you just got a sneak peek at thefirst paid downloadable content forsplatoon to the hefty new single-playermode octo expansion you'll play as thenew character agent eight who looks likean octal ling she wakes up on theplatform of a dark subway stationwithout her memories looks like somekind of shady underground test facilityin this massive subterranean world thereare 80 of these test facilitiesconnected by a subway you'll depart fromthe station with purpose a variety ofmissions await agent 8 and her talentsexpect new stories to unfold sheddingnew light on beloved characters you maythink you know everything about theworld of splatoon but these waters rundeep and so does the lore escape fromthese twisted depths and you'll be ableto join multiplayer matches as anoctiline we hope you enjoy this freshperspective since octa means eight andlatinum that means 2018 is the year ofthe octoling splatoon two octo expansionwill launch this summer after today'sNintendo Directsplatoon two octo expansion will beavailable for Advance Purchase inNintendo eShop with this purchasesplatoon two owners will immediatelyreceive octo themed in-game gear to usein battle todayThank You squid research lab hopefullyspittoon 2 will continue flatter ourexpectations you bet that's all fortoday's in Tendo direct well actually wehave one more announcement please take alook at our last video for the day[Music]youyou

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0:16 – Yoshiaki Koizumi Intro
0:35 – Nintendo 3DS Headlines
0:40 – WarioWare Gold
1:40 – Dillon’s Dead-Heat Breakers
2:46 – Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story + Bowser Jr.’s Journey
3:48 – Detective Pikachu + amiibo
4:52 – Luigi’s Mansion
6:10 – Nintendo Switch Headlines
6:15 – Kirby Star Allies
7:29 – Okami HD
8:34 – Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido
9:32 – Octopath Traveler
11:44 – Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes
12:49 – Dark Souls Remastered + amiibo
13:52 – MyNintendo Rewards
14:19 – Mario Tennis Aces
20:33 – Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
21:41 – Undertale
22:25 – Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
23:20 – Little Nightmares: Complete Edition
24:26 – South Park: The Fractured But Whole
25:36 – Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition
26:02 – ARMS US & Canada Online Open
26:50 – ARMS Global Testpunch
27:14 – Splatoon 2 ver. 3.0
28:30 – Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion DLC
32:11 – Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion Pre-purchase
32:44 – Super Smash Bros.

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